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Member of Anges Québec and FIER succès support the Feldan Bio cell therapy orientation by contributing a second round of financing of $525

Québec, August 29th 2013– Following recent advances in the field of cell therapy, Feldan Bio intends to focus on the production of critical laboratory reagents to activate stem cells likely to restore damaged cells among patients stricken with various pathologies. An orientation supported by the Anges Québec Capital Fund, Fier Succès and seven members of Anges Québec who provided a second round of investment totalling $525K for this Quebec company.

“We believe that, over the next few years, Feldan Bio will become an enviable and key player in the very promising and booming regenerative medicine sector,” said Benoit Cyr, the angel investor who led the project at Anges Québec. François-Thomas Michaud, co-founder and executive director of Feldan Bio, explained: “We’re now targeting a much regulated sector with high entry barriers. We are specifically targeting biopharmas and government organizations in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia that are working to develop treatments in the innovative field of cell therapy.”

This second round of financing consolidates the company’s gains dedicated to life sciences, in addition to supporting the development of partnerships that will accelerate deployment of its service offer. Of the $525K investment, $100K comes from Fier Succès, while the Anges Québec Capital Fund and the group made up of Anges Québec investors are each investing $212,500 in the project. Noël Dubé, director of FIER Succès, emphasized: “It’s important that the biotech sector be represented in the Quebec City region. We strongly believe in Feldan Bio and its cell therapy orientation.”

About Benoit Cyr

Benoit Cyr a cofounded Biopharmacopae Design International, devoted to the discovery, development and marketing of products dedicated to therapy and the prevention of human illnesses, and Biogénie S.R.D.C., which developed a patented technological advantage in the treatment of contaminated soil. Mr. Cyr has a great deal of expertise in the negotiation of strategic alliance and developing markets.

About Anges Québec

Anges Québec is a network of 125 private investors that identifies, finances and coaches innovative Quebec enterprises with high growth potential. Anges Québec members invest their capital and expertise in the most promising startup companies. In this capacity, Anges Québec works closely with a number of key Québec organizations interested in the development and growth of technological innovations.

About Anges Québec Capital

Created in 2012, the Anges Québec Capital Fund totals $30M, of which $20 M in funding comes from the government of Quebec, through Investissement Québec, and $10M from the angels. The fund is dedicated to innovative Quebec businesses in the startup phase, giving them a more substantial financial foundation by adding to the investments made by Anges Québec members

About FIER Succès

The Fonds d'intervention économique régional FIER Succès is a $15 million venture capital fund made up of a partnership between Investissement Québec and private investors. FIER Succès invests primarily in technology companies, preferably in the Quebec City region. The amount of investment varies between $250,000 and $1 million.

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