About us


We are the largest angel investors network in Canada

In 2007, Québec businessman Richard Bruno returned to Montreal after several years working in Chicago, where he discovered the concept of "angel groups" : networks of high-net-worth individuals who invest capital in high-growth potential startups.

While the concept of angel groups was very popular in the U.S., Richard Bruno was surprised to learn that it did not yet exist in Québec. So he said to himself, why not here?

He then took upon himself to recruit the expertise of former business partners whom he knew passionate about entrepreneurship and investment: Louis Saint-Jacques, Nathalie Beauregard and Martin Duchaîne. Together, they set up an organization which, a year later, would be known as Anges Québec.

Ten years later, Anges Québec has become a leader in the Québec early stage investment ecosystem. To date, our 230 members have invested more than $ 117M in the Québec economy, couting more than 157 companies in its portfolio.



Anges Québec's mission is to contribute to the growth of Québec's companies of tomorrow by injecting value-added capital.