Why choose Anges Québec?


Trust our angel investors for support and guidance

Qualified angels ready to actively guide and support you

Anges Québec’s membership is made up of serial technology entrepreneurs, experienced venture capitalists and industry experts.

Our 230 angels don’t just invest—they get involved to help make a difference for the entrepreneurs they support.

Leverage their advice, expertise and networks to help grow your business!

A flexible and agile process

With or without a lead investor? Small or large round? Equity? KISS? SAFE? SPV? Short or long lead time before closing your round?

Tell us about your project, your needs and your timeframe! We’ll adapt to your pace!

“Market” terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions have been reviewed with the help of entrepreneurs and partners from the startup ecosystem to ensure they are in line with the market and the competition.

Put us to the test!

Invaluable collaborations in the investment ecosystem

Working with Anges Québec gives you access to numerous investment partners to complete your round or prepare for the next one.

Already have a lead investor? We’ll gladly simplify our due diligence process!

Significant support from AQC Capital

Anges Québec can also count on the support of AQC Capital, a $64 million fund that provides capital and support to certain angel-funded businesses.


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