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Initial round of financing with Anges Québec for Groupe Enterface

Montréal, November 9, 2017 – Anges Québec announced today an initial round of financing in Groupe Enterface, a company in the IT sector based in St-Jérôme, specializing in the development of mobile and web applications, mainly for a market of small and medium businesses. The capital obtained through this round of financing, the amount of which remains confidential, will mainly go to fuel the development and growth of the company.

“Nothing could be more beneficial for Enterface that a partnership with Anges Québec, and the arrival of a member with as deep an expertise in IT as Mr. Ianniciello. We can now put together a corporate structure and business development strategy that will support more ambitious objectives”, points out Mathieu Tousignant, President of Groupe Enterface.

Groupe Enterface develops mobile and web applications, Internet sites, and carries out UX/UI design, mainly in the SMB market. Their approach is based on quality visual designs and their ability for ongoing technological renewal. This allows Groupe Enterface to offer its clients solutions that have an immediate impact in competitive situations.

“Groupe Enterface targets a high-demand market, that of the SMB’s. I have also witnessed how impressed their clients and partners are with the quality of their work. These elements, along with their specialization in everything dealing with the interface and user experience, have been determining factors in the decision to invest in Groupe Enterface”, declares Mario Ianniciello, the lead angel for this round.


About Groupe Enterface

Founded in 2014, Groupe Enterface is a company specializing in the development of mobile and web applications, mainly for a market of small and medium businesses. Thanks to its quality visual designs and ability for ongoing technological renewal, Groupe Enterface offers its clients a quality product that gives them an immediate impact in competitive situations. With an international clientèle, Groupe Enterface has offices in Saint-Jérôme, Montréal, and Adelaide and Brisbane in Australia.

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About the Lead Angel

Mario Ianniciello has over 30 years of experience in sales operations in the IT sector, and has restructured and led the Canadian sales operations at Informatica LLC. He also held various senior management positions at SAS, EMC, Legato Systems, and Computer Associates International.

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