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Hexa Foods secures $315,000 investment

Anges Québec members see potential in innovative proteins

Montreal, October 7, 2016 – The Montreal company behind the BugBites and Wilder & Harrier brands today announced a $315,000 investment financed by members of Anges Québec.

Hexa Foods seeks to help create a better future for the planet and increase awareness about the environmental footprint of conventional protein production by incorporating innovative and eco-responsible proteins like insect protein into its nutritional lineup of dog and cat treats. Insect protein is a healthy source of nutrients that contributes to animal development.

“Our dream of building a business combining our passion for sustainable and innovative food products with the principles of environmental responsibility has come true,” said Hexa Foods cofounder and CEO Philippe Poirier. “This investment will enable Hexa Foods to pursue its growth by diversifying the company product line,” he added.

With this new influx of funds, the company will launch its new Wilder & Harrier brand identity this fall. This new line boasts the same pioneering features that have set Hexa Foods apart from other producers and will pave the way for the introduction of other innovative proteins. The company’s products are currently available at more than 100 points of sale across Quebec and Ontario.

“Hexa Foods has all the ingredients it needs to succeed. Along with its innovative products, the company’s founders have the wide-ranging expertise necessary to grow the business and reach new heights,” said Stéphane Chevigny, the lead Anges Québec investor on the file.

About Hexa Foods

Hexa Foods creates tasty, healthy, and sustainable foods made with insects.The company’s first product is BugBites:dog treats made with cricket flour and fresh fruits and vegetables.Hexa Foods uses insects because they can significantly increase the diversity of the world’s current food system and help solve global food insecurity, while using limited natural resources in a much smarter way.Replacing an 80 g bag of dog treats made with beef with a bag of BugBites dog treats saves over 100 litres of water.      

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