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Future skin care leader Biocean Canada obtains financing from Anges Québec

bigBioceanMontreal, January 20, 2011 - Anges Québec is happy to announce the funding of the company Biocean Canada (“Biocean”) by a group of private investors (angels). Among them is Mr. Pierre Lortie, who assumes the chairmanship of Biocean following the deal. The company will use the funds to develop out-of-Quebec markets and extend its product line.

According to Mr. Lortie, “The quality of life and collective wealth of Quebecers are intimately related to innovation and the availability of capital to ensure the growth of our companies. Anges Quebec is a group of dynamic leaders who understand the importance of start-up venture capital and, in so doing, create an environment favourable to financing start-ups. And with Biocean, we have found a business that fully deserves our  confidence and investment.”

Biocean offers natural products of marine origin commercialised under the brand name Ocean+. These products allow the treatment of certain skin problems and the reduction of skin aging signs, and so contribute to general health and well-being. The products, issued from considerable R&D efforts, also allow the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and labial herpes.

The innovative Ocean+ product line comprises a world unique native collagen gel and an ultra concentrated Omega-3 protected by a natural antioxidant complex. The world skin care market is growing strongly, which is why Biocean is aiming for the rapid development of Canadian, American and Asian markets.

Company founder Richard Boudreault emphasizes: “Biocean offers an enormous international growth potential and the support of our angel investors gives us the means of our ambitions. With Anges Québec, we gain the active support of experienced partners who bring to us first rate counselling and support, which means much more than just financing.”

According to Mr. Mike Cegelski, Chairman of Anges Québec, the support of the Biocean team by members of Anges Québec demonstrates the importance of angel investors for the success of Quebec entrepreneurs. “ We hope to see more businesses of Biocean’s quality come into partnerships with our members.”

Anges Québec is the most important network of private investors dedicated to innovation in Quebec and exists through the financial support of the Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export (MEDIE) as well as of its partners law firm Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt, RBC Royal Bank, accounting firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, intellectual property firm Smart & Biggar and associate members ID Capital, Propulsion Ventures, iNovia Capital and Desjardins Capital de Risque.

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About Biocean Canada –

Biocean contributes to health and well-being by developing natural health products, mainly of marine origin. It markets the Ocean+ brand comprised of ten (10) products with characteristics sought by skin care professionals and their customers. These highly innovative products target skin care professionals, medical aesthetics clinics as well as natural health products stores.

As the basis of its products, Biocean developed a world unique and innovative process for the extraction and purification of native collagen with a natural antioxidant complex (patent pending). Our multidisciplinary scientific team develops, from natural substances, easy-to-use products of superior efficiency, safe and without ingredients considered risky such as Paraben, PEC, Hydroquinone and Cortisone.

About Anges Québec – Invest and self

Anges Québec is a network of private investors (angels) who seek out, fund and support high-potential innovating companies in Quebec. The members of Anges Québec add value to the most promising start-up or early stage companies by investing capital and expertise. To this end, Anges Québec collaborates with several headlight organizations interested in the valuation and development of technological innovations.

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