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Bambou Space receives $75,000 in financial support from a member of Anges Québec

Montreal, November 8, 2016 –Anges Québec announced today that one of its members will be financially and strategically involved in the supervision, support, and growth of innovative IT company Bambou Space.

Bambou Space specializes in supporting continuous improvement processes, specifically suggestion management and problem solving in many industries, including manufacturing, hospitals, construction, and service organizations. With the third generation of its platform complete, Bambou Space is putting its marketing efforts into overdrive.

Thanks to this new source of funding, Bambou Space President and CEO Julie Charron-Latour is confident the company is headed for fast yet sustainable growth. “The support of our Ange investor has allowed us to devise a promising business strategy for our company’s growth,” she says. Now that the platform has been tested with different organizations, this $75,000 investment will help get the product to market and adapt it to the needs of larger companies.

Bambou Space has ambitions for expansion abroad

The Montreal company develops, sells, and supports the Bottom-UpTM solution, which allows staff in the field to collect, analyze, resolve, and manage ideas until they are implemented. This new partnership will allow Bambou Space to extend its business network to European markets.

Yves Laurent Turcotte, Anges Québec member and Chairman of the Bambou Space Board of Directors, adds, “This breathes new life into ongoing improvement measures already in place, making it easier involve the whole team, bring all their ideas together, and add even more value. And you can do it all with a click. The timing is perfect. The market is ripe, and the entrepreneur has everything it takes to succeed.”


About Bambou Space

Bambou Space is the fruit of industrial engineering research carried out at Polytechnique Montréal. With 70% of employees today reporting they feel little or no commitment to their work, Bambou Space offers solutions to get them involved. The Bottom-UpTM solution is available on all types of devices. It builds on the ideas of employees, helps managers on the ground resolve problems, and provides senior management with appropriate visual indicators of their team's level of commitment.

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