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APOGEE Trailers raises one million dollars to develop sales of its new generation trailer in Canada and the USA

Co-founded by a member of Anges Québec, the company located in the Lanaudière region is manufacturing a new generation Adapt-X trailers and has attracted investors from several provinces to support its North American expansion.

Montreal, June 12, 2018 – Apogée Trailers announces an investment of one million dollars to support the growth of its activities in North America. This innovative manufacturing company located in Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan in Lanaudière manufactures and markets the new generation of Adapt-X trailers. Launched in 2017, not only are these aluminum trailers strong, light and durable, what makes them stand out from the rest is that they can also be folded and stored in just 38 inches of space. These features make the Adapt-X the ideal urban trailer, and the announced investment will increase production capacity in order to meet the demand and conquer new markets.

After launching its invention in Québec, in 2018 Apogée began its Canadian expansion, attracting customers from coast to coast in a few months. It now offers a complete range of trailers built around a bold design that deals with the problem shared by many users: the permanent storage space needed for a trailer. Christophe Goffoz, President and co-founder of Apogée, explains:

“Most people only use their trailer occasionally, such as weekend renovators, owners of cottages or owners of recreational vehicles like ATTs, motorcycles and snowmobiles, side-by-side. A trailer is a very useful product for transporting their material, but the reality is that a trailer spends the great majority of its time stored somewhere and it takes up a lot of space. Given that space is becoming more and more limited in urban and semi-urban areas, we had to find an efficient solution. The Adapt-X is the ideal utility trailer: robust, with the required load capacity, light and durable thanks to aluminum and it takes less than a minute to store easily store the trailer after use.”

Apogée continues to follow its ambitious development plan which it will take to an international level in 2019.

“With more than 60 urban areas that have more than one million inhabitants, the American market is our next goal. This will lead Apogée to transform itself to better manage its development plan in this market with strong growth potential. Our products also address issues in other countries: we have already had contacts for certain areas in Europe. We are keeping an eye out for opportunities to seize in the coming years.”


Apogée trailers is the result of the collaboration between two passionate people who share a common vision: develop products that stand out and make them available to their future customers. René Bernard, inventor of the trailer and Christophe Goffoz, entrepreneur and successful manager, partnered to fulfil their goal of redefining the standard of excellence for utility trailers. With the support of financial stakeholders and the guidance of numerous players in the sector, today Apogée is able to offer Adapt-X trailers. Durable, practical and elegant, these trailers fulfil all customer expectations. The company aspires to become the recognized leader in the field of trailers and continues to follow an ambitious growth plan for the next few years.


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