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Anges Québec members make impact investments in ECOTIERRA

SHERBOOKE, June 14, 2016 – Anges Québec is proud to announce its members have contributed to the funding of ECOTIERRA, an impact company that generates considerable socio-economic and environmental benefits and offers the potential of significant returns. Anges Québec members and their financial partners Fonds FilAction and Desjardins Venture Capital Inc. invested a total of $700,000 in this round of funding.

ECOTIERRA develops sustainable forestry and agricultural projects that have significant positive socio-economic and environmental consequences. Its success stems from a commitment to developing solid, long-term partnerships by encouraging social responsibility and sustainable procurement while using carbon finance income to optimize value chains and ensure the sustainable management of local landscapes. ECOTIERRA is based in Sherbrooke and also has offices in Peru, Colombia, and Côte d’Ivoire.

According to Etienne Desmarais, president and CEO of ECOTIERRA, “The contributions of financial backers like Anges Québec indicate that impact investing is garnering an increasingly bigger share of available venture capital. This trend means we can secure the funding essential to our growth, and our partners can expect returns on their investment.

The two angel investors who took part in this Anges Québec investment project are Christophe Goffoz and Guy Gervais. “Our financial involvement in ECOTIERRA is a concrete example of our investment strategy aimed at generating environmental, social, and financial returns,” says Goffoz. “A lot of us are now trying to invest in initiatives that reflect our values,” adds Gervais.


Since 2011, ECOTIERRA develops forestry and agricultural projects that generate high quality carbon credits and specializes in projects that produce significant impacts on local populations and inherently positive environmental benefits. Based in Sherbrooke, ECOTIERRA relies on a diverse mix of experts—forestry engineers, environmental engineers, cooperative development experts, and specialists in marketing, finance, and communication. ECOTIERRA’s objective is to create sustainable partnerships with local communities, partners, and clients involved in carbon offset programs. It is also active in Lima, Peru, where a local team works directly in the field.


About Christophe Goffoz

Christophe Goffoz is an entrepreneur and angel investor. He is cofounder and president of Divergent Capital, a private investment fund that supports startup companies through significant investments in the form of financial and human assistance. Christophe is a member of a number of boards of directors and volunteers for numerous entrepreneurship associations and organizations.


About Guy Gervais

Guy Gervais is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He was president of Vulcain Inc., a multi-award-winning company specializing in environmental technology solutions. He has some forty investments to his credit, mostly in the form of human capital assistance to help businesses grow.

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