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Anges Québec members invest in Novidev Anti+ fruit drinks produced


(Montreal, June 27, 2012) – Anges Québec is pleased to announce $1.3 million in block funding to the Montreal-based company, Novidev Santé Active. This financing comes from a group of 15 private Anges Québec investors that includes businessman Charles Boulanger and Desjardins Innovatech.

Novidev Santé Active is a Québec agri-food business that has developed Vegetal IntelligenceTM, a unique process that preserves all the fruit’s natural bioactive compounds, and will be marketing its first ’super fruit juices’ under the Anti+ brand. These products were among the top 10 innovations of the year at SIAL 2012. According to the president of Novidev Santé Active, Thierry Houillon, ”Funding from Anges Québec comes just in time to help us ramp up industrial production and marketing of our 100% Québec-made product line of Anti+ fruit drinks, produced in La Pocatière. Consumer response to our first Anti+ blueberry juice now sold in natural food stores is excellent. This shows that our product meets a real need among an increasingly health-conscious clientele.”

As Charles Boulanger, who heads the group of Anges Québec investors in Novidev Santé Active, pointed out, ”Thierry Houillon has extensive experience developing and marketing innovative agri-food products. He and his team have developed a new and unique super fruit juice product. I’m convinced that consumers will go for their Anti+ product lineand I decided to invest in this project because I have confidence in Mr. Houillon and in this product.” As an Ange Québec member, Mr. Boulanger will also sit on the Novidev Santé Active board of directors.

François Gilbert, Anges Québec President and CEO, said, “Our members are successful entrepreneurs who choose to invest their time and money to encourage innovation and help Québec companies like Novidev at key phases in their development. Novidev Santé Active impressed our members with a solid business project and an outstanding, innovative product in the promising health food sector.

About Anges Québec 

Anges Québec is a network of 100 private investors that identifies, finances and coaches innovative Québec enterprises with high growth potential. Anges Québec members invest their capital and expertise in the most promising start-up companies. In this capacity, Anges Québec works closely with a number of Québec leaders in the development and growth of technological innovations.

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André Forest