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Anges Québec Encourages the Vision of Bonlook and its Online Optical Shop with an Investment of Over $1M

(Montreal, June 5th, 2013) – Bonlook’s vision team and dynamic team convinced Anges Québec investors and the Anges Québec Capital Fund to invest $1.1 million in this Quebec-based online optical shop which offers a distinct product. The Fund contributed $150K, while the rest of the amount comes from 25 private member investors of Anges Québec, including Caroline Pelletier, who led this investment project.

An eye for fashion

Bonlook is an online optical shop created and managed by Sophie Boulanger and Mélanie Daigle, two young women who target a clientele in their image with a business model that reinvents the way prescription glasses are purchased. “We consider glasses to be fashion accessories, in the same way as shoes and handbags. Our varied styles and affordable prices allow our clients to own several pairs so that they can change their look at any time,” explained Sophie Boulanger. 

More than a simple retailer, Bonlook designs and produces all frames offered on its transaction-driven website, proving that a pair of quality, distinctive glasses does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Clients are invited to try various types of frames, all of which are offered at $99, using a downloaded photo or taken with their webcam. Bonlook even offers the services of an online stylist. “We wanted to continue to offer a personalized advice service that is important when buying glasses, but we adapted it to online purchases. This is a service that our clients greatly appreciate,” continued the young entrepreneur.

The possibility to see the big picture

The investment by Anges Québec members and the Anges Québec Capital Fund is timely for the company which, in the short term, plans to further develop its Web marketing, design and produce four collections per year and hire more staff. Caroline Pelletier, who led the investment project at Anges Québec, was compelled by the product’s potential and innovative marketing: “After two years of existence, Bonlook is already a strong brand with an outstanding business model and team. Sophie and Mélanie infuse their personality in their business and have a very refreshing method of doing things that suits their target clientele perfectly. As an investor, but also as a woman, I absolutely wanted to support these two entrepreneurs, she concluded.”

About Caroline Pelletier                                                                                                                                                

Caroline Pelletier has 10 years of experience in the media, communications and Web sector. She worked as director of Web content and production at Groupe Pages Jaunes and as account manager in the Nurun and BBDO Proximity agencies. In 2011, she associated with Remarquable Communications, an advertising creation, branding and Web agency. She has worked on several brand names, including BRP, Pepsi, Garda, Ricardo Cuisine, Ebates and Lowe’s.

About Anges Québec

Anges Québec is a network of 125 private investors that identifies finances and coaches innovative Quebec enterprises with high growth potential. Anges Québec members invest their capital and expertise in the most promising startup companies. In this capacity, Anges Québec works closely with a number of key Quebec organizations interested in the development and growth of technological innovations.

About Anges Québec Capital

Created in 2012, the Anges Québec Capital Fund totals $30M, of which $20M in funding comes from the government of Quebec, through Investissement Québec, and $10M from the angels. The fund is dedicated to innovative Quebec businesses in the startup phase, giving them a more substantial financial foundation by adding to the investments made by Anges Québec members.

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