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An incident response platform that’s transforming the security industry

MONTRÉAL, APRIL 4, 2019 – Cobal offers businesses a SaaS incident response solution for physical security incidents, emergencies  and cybersecurity issues. Given the increasingly large demand of its product, Cobalt is thrilled to accelerate its expansion to the U.S. after raising $1.3 million in a new round of funding, overseen by Anges Québec, with the participation of Anges Québec Capital and a group of private investors.

“When an incident occurs, a rapid and agile response is critical to prevent a full-blown crisis from developing,” said Jean-François Plante, CEO and Founder of Cobalt. “Being able to share information quickly and securely is the key to resolving issues. That’s why we’re proud to offer a turnkey solution to businesses, right as the incident response solution market is experiencing significant growth.”

Cobalt’s application automates and simplifies the incident response process in real time. As soon as the app is activated in the wake of an incident, all personnel assigned to deal with the incident are mobilized and informed of what action they need to take instantaneously, from wherever they are. Cobalt’s unique platform always allows users to be connected enabling immediate safety responses when they are needed most and least expected.

Scalable services

Already serving over a hundred clients, Cobalt’s platform is tailored to individual companies’ realities and needs. When an incident is reported by a user, the company can immediately see where the alert came from and which emergency teams have been mobilized based on established protocol. The service can be rapidly implemented at any company, available as a SaaS solution and in versions for both iPhone iOS and Android.

“We’re certain that Cobalt’s platform is a game changer for the security emergencies industry” said Régis Desmeules, angel investor with Anges Québec. “Cobalt’s high-potential strategic partnerships promise to help them develop in the U.S. market, reach new clients and distribute their solution more widely” he adds.

About Cobalt

Cobalt offers a SaaS platform for businesses that reduces response times from hours to seconds by automating the entire incident response process and connecting people in real time. Cobalt enables any employee to trigger response plans that mobilize response teams in seconds, right from their phone—like a small-scale emergency 911 service.

About Anges Québec

Founded in 2008, the mission of Anges Québec is to help its network of over 230 angel investors obtain profitable returns on their investments. Anges Québec members have already invested no less than $80 million in the Québec economy through over 210 investments in more than 115 groundbreaking companies. Thanks to its professional development centre, Anges Québec enables its members to continually upgrade their investment knowledge and skills.

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