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An Anges Québec Member Joins an Entrepreneur to Found Remorqes Apogée

Montreal, June 29, 2016 – Anges Québec is proud to announce the creation of Apogee Trailers, born of a partnership between Anges Québec member Christophe Goffoz and entrepreneur René Bernard.

Remorques Apogée will soon be manufacturing and distributing innovative, high-end aluminum utility trailers that meet the industry’s highest standards. These patented trailers are foldable, minimizing the space required to store them when not in use. According to René Bernard, who designed this innovative product, “Apogee Trailers will redefine trailers, targeting consumers in urban and suburban areas, where space is a big concern.” Apogee trailers are durable, flexible, and stylish like no other product currently available on the market. The many advantages include greater load capacity, lighter weight to diminish fuel consumption, corrosion resistance, and outstanding durability.

“We’re the new kid on the block in the trailer industry and we’re looking to shake things up with innovative new products better suited to consumer needs,” says Anges Québec member and Apogee Trailers president Christophe Goffoz. Apogee Trailers is also very proud to offer a product designed and manufactured in Quebec using aluminum from local suppliers.

Mass production will soon begin at the new Apogee Trailers plant in Lanaudière, and export projects aimed at conquering the North American market are already in the works.

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