Anges Québec

Exclusive Benefits


Join our network of business leaders


Being a member of our organization offers a range of tangible benefits. They include:

  • sharing of experience between members through workshops and conferences;
  • risk reduction through syndication between members
  • access to over fifty investment opportunities per year
  • potential access to member-specific investment opportunities
  • efficient sorting of investment opportunities
  • networking between members and other investment stakeholders
  • the implementation of best business practices
  • organizing logistics for meetings between members and entrepreneurs

Learning opportunities

It has been shown that the success of groups of angels also depends on the training of its members. Founded in 2011, the Anges Québec Professional Development Center aims to become a center of expertise in skills transfer and continuing education. The training supports the participation of our members through the refinement of technical and transversal skills for the success of investments. Investors are better equipped to help entrepreneurs build and grow successful businesses.

The Anges Québec Professional Development Center offers three types of trainings :

  • Workshops
  • Interest groups
  • Directors Circles

Below are some of the workshops our members have access to :

Level 100

  • Angels 10 and Anges Québec Real Estate 101
  • The shareholder agreement and the term sheet
  • Dynamic risk management; the power of due diligence and efficient governance
  • Intellectual property: what is really relevant for an angel?
  • Ethics and governance : a value creation strategy
  • Startup valuation, value creation and exit strategy
  • Lead investor: efficient and profitable
  • Real estate term sheet : partnership and shareholders agreements
  • Due diligence of a real estate project

Level 200

  • Understanding the documents related to shareholders and subscription agreements
  • Technological due diligence : what is relevant for an angel?
  • Follow-up rounds : what is relevant for an angel?
  • Impact investement : what is relevant for an angel?
  • Healthcare due diligence : what is relevant for an angel?
  • Understanding convertible debt
  • Real estate market perspective annual conference
  • Real estate residential projects : rental and co-ownership

Level 300

  • Evaluating the performance of technological solutions
  • Post-investment : how to accompany the entrepreneur
  • How to prepare for a follow-up round

Aside from workshops, Anges Québec regularly organizes interest groups surrounding these 5 topics :  technology, healthcare and wellness, real estate, impact investment and investing as female angel investors.  These interest groups are essentially conferences presented by key opinion leaders, followed by networking.

Lastly, our members have access to weekly directors circles, which are discussion groups primarily destined to our angels who are board members of some of our portfolio companies and who want to share their experience and learn from others regarding the role of a board member.