Anges Québec

Exclusive Benefits


Take control of your investment portfolio

If you wish to contribute to the growth of Québec's companies of tomorrow by injecting value-added capital, Anges Québec is for you.

Exclusive benefits

Becoming an investor angel means taking control of your investment portfolio and investing time and capital in innovative and high-growth-potential Québec companies led by talented entrepreneurs. 

Why become a member?

  • Access a pipeline of 50 unparalleled investment opportunities per year
  • Expand your business network by accessing 230 high-net-worth individuals who are high caliber entrepreneurs, former leaders and/or executives who have led high-profile careers in diverse fields
  • Grow as an angel investor with the advanced training offered via our AQadémie
  • Benefit from the expertise and support of the Anges Québec team in your investments
  • Access exclusive offers from Anges Québec's partners, private companies recognized for their expertise and credibility
  • Play a key role for innovative Quebec entrepreneurs looking for value-added capital


The AQadémie

Thanks to the cutting-edge interactive trainings offered by our AQadémie, you will continuously evolve as an angel investor. Our trainings are delivered by key opinion leaders in the venture capital and governance fields.

Here is an overview of the workshops our members have access to:

Beginner level

  • Angels 10 and Anges Québec Real Estate 101
  • The shareholder agreement and the term sheet
  • Dynamic risk management; the power of due diligence and efficient governance
  • Intellectual property: what is really relevant for an angel?
  • Ethics and governance : a value creation strategy
  • Startup valuation, value creation and exit strategy
  • Lead investor: efficient and profitable
  • Real estate term sheet : partnership and shareholders agreements
  • Due diligence of a real estate project

Intermediate level

  • Understanding the documents related to shareholders and subscription agreements
  • Technological due diligence : what is relevant for an angel?
  • Follow-up rounds : what is relevant for an angel?
  • Impact investement : what is relevant for an angel?
  • Healthcare due diligence : what is relevant for an angel?
  • Understanding convertible debt
  • Real estate market perspective annual conference
  • Real estate residential projects : rental and co-ownership

Advanced level

  • Evaluating the performance of technological solutions
  • Post-investment : how to accompany the entrepreneur
  • How to prepare for a follow-up round

In addition to trainings, Anges Québec regularly offers interest groups activities surrounding the themes of technologies, health and well-being, impact investing and women in venture capital. These interest groups are essentially conferences presented by key opinion leaders, followed by networking periods.

Finally, our members also have access to monthly directors circles, which are discussion groups between angel investors who wish to discuss best practices related to governance and investment.