Frederic Boulanger

Frederic Boulanger, a successful entrepreneur thanks to Macadamian Technologies, is a leading figure in the Gatineau ecosystem. With over 30 years' experience in software design and development, he has become a seasoned investor in the software sector as a member of Anges Québec and venture partner of AQC Capital.

Passionate about the digital health sector, he scouts and evaluates startups to support their growth and success. In parallel, Frédéric also presides over Fredz, a private seed capital investment company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create the next generation of innovative products in these fields.

In addition to his professional career, he is actively involved in environmental and social causes, serving on the Board of Directors of Ottawa River Keeper, and co-founded the Ottawa High School Technology Program to foster a passion for science among high school students. A former director and president of the Information Technology Association of Canada, he has consistently advocated the development of innovation in Canada.