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Mario Ianniciello

Since July 2016, Mr. Mario Ianniciello retired from Informatica LLC where he restructured and led the Canadian sales operations for the past three years. Mr. Ianniciello is currently a board member for a non-for-profit organization in addition to being board member candidate for SMB organizations seeking investments from Desjardins capitale de risque.


Mr. Mario Ianniciello has over 30 years’ experience within the IT vendor community and has been involved in developing strategic relationships with executives throughout Canada’s private and public sector.  His present interests are, leading and investing in SMB organizations that can leverage Mr. Ianniciello’s enterprise experience, management expertise and business knowledge.


Over the past 30 years, Mario Ianniciello has held various senior management positions within the private and public sectors including;


  • Country Director at Informatica LLC
  • Vice President at SAS Canada Limited
  • District Manager at EMC Corp
  • Area Vice President at Legato Systems
  • Senior Vice President and Managing Director at Computer Associates International
  • IT Analyst at Loto Quebec and Metro inc.