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Joseph Sasson

comm – McGill 1986
OPM Units I,II,III – Harvard Business School 2005 – 2007 Family Business – HBS 2007
OPM Unit IV – HBS 2014 Shanghai China

arrived in Montreal during the civil unrest in Lebanon where my father had to abandon his business for a pittance of its value. From a young age i was imbued with a sense of entrepreneurship and groomed to be a businessman.
I attended McGill business school as an undergraduate, while working full time in my father’s new startup business. We decided to concentrate on the manufacturing of personal care products.

Our business has grown rapidly thru organic growth acquisition but mostly thru innovation (Research & Development of a highly diversified portfolio of beauty products).

My pivotal experience in my career was my acceptance into the Harvard Business School program for executives « Owners Presidents Managers Program. » This crystallized my ideas in further business development.
Secondly, it allowed me to network with other highly successful businessmen around the world.

I am presently CEO of Delon/Iris (www.labdelon.com) , a family-held company in Montreal that makes an assortment of disposable personal care products, that currently employ 250+ employees. Counter to business practices, our goal was to build ourselves a sweet spot and establish a successful and profitable manufacturing company in Canada, not in the Far East.

The special dynamics of a family business poses special challenges and we are fortunate to have attended the Families in Business Program at Harvard.

I am a member of several peer review business groups. Ex: TEC/Vistage Canada.

After a heart attack in 2010, I immensely enjoy giving back and continue to mentor young businessman. I look forward to sharing my extensive experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, manufacturing, international business, and family business