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David Godbout

Born into a poor family, David developed his sense of entrepreneurship and leadership from an early age, first in student associations and in the cooperative movement, and then started his first business at the age of 18. 19 years old. A successful businessman and investor, David has owned, alone or in partnership, 14 different companies, mainly in the fields of real estate and IT. In particular, he contributed to the growth of a Microsoft Business Solutions certified business consulting firm that grew from 5 to 28 employees in four years; this company allowed him to play the role of business solutions consultant with 80 different companies. David is also a Mentor in the framework provided by Futurpreneur Canada and is particularly interested in companies that give back to society.


Successful traveler, David has worked for more than 8 years in international companies. He has had the chance to work in several countries including the United States, France and Italy, and also in more challenging environments such as Nigeria or Haiti. All these experiences provide David with an excellent overall vision, a good experience as team leader (win-win partnerships, talent optimization, goal achievement). David’s goal today is to help as many Quebec companies as possible to grow and stand out, and he has developed a special passion for companies that give back directly to society (responsible businesses, ecology, global harmony, etc.).