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Marmott Énergies

Marmott Énergies
Clean Technologies

At Marmott Énergies , we believe in geothermal energy! This renewable energy offers many advantages:

  • Energy-efficient: Cleaner for the environment and less expensive than conventional systems
  • Multipurpose: Serves as air conditioning in summer, heating in winter
  • Safe: No combustible is involved in geoexchange, making it as safe to operate as electricity
  • Cost-saving: Removing the oil heating system from your home entitles you to lower home insurance premiums
  • Space-savings: Gain back the space that is currently taken up by your furnace, boiler heater and oil tank
  • Comfortable: System produces a gentler, more even airflow and temperature
  • Discreet: This system is clearly quieter than external air-source heat pumps which have a shorter lifespan and are visually unappealing

And it meets all the criteria to make it THE ecological solution for cooling and heating.

  • The closest energy source from the end user
  • Renewable energy using the heat of the sun
  • Durable equipment

Even though, few homeowners decide to spend such investment because it remains very high with a payback anywhere between 10 to 20 years.

Marmott Énergies makes it affordable for the homeowner by offering it at lower rate than electricity and without investment.