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Feldan Therapeutics

Feldan Therapeutics

Since its beginning, Feldan has valued internal research with the aim of innovating, changing standards of care and redefining quality of life. With the recent development of the Feldan Shuttle, this approach is starting to show its promises. Feldan’s mission is to develop regenerative medicine therapeutic applications based on Feldan’s proprietary technology. The scientists at Feldan have developed the Feldan Shuttle, a protein-based technology platform that directly delivers proteins – such as nucleases or transcription factors – inside cells to specific cellular compartments. Feldan Shuttle can overcome major obstacles faced by nucleic acid delivery for therapeutic use by considerably decreasing the regulatory burden and by accelerating the translation of discoveries into clinical applications. Along with the protein production platform, the Shuttle now allows Feldan to develop in-house medical applications as well as in collaboration with partners. This novel direction is illustrated by our company new name (Feldan Therapeutics) which hints at the multiple possibilities that lay ahead.