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Simon Abboud

Recognized as an international leader within the direct selling industry, Simon Abboud created a distribution network that has expanded from offering a single long distance service, to providing essential services worldwide in the telecommunications, energy and payment processing sectors for both residential and small business consumers.

Today, the organization that Simon has built generates in excess of $200M of annual revenue and has surpassed $1B in total sales for ACN inc. (www.acninc.com) and the different companies they represent. He has done so by mastering the art of structuring business systems that allow these organizations to grow organically and by cultivating a culture of entrepreneurship and accountability that permeates throughout the distributor base. Simon’s skills include creating and implementing highly duplicatable recruiting and training systems designed to maximize profitability and efficiency.

Simon is a sought after global expert in his field, featured in Success magazine as well as numerous other industry publications, and speaks regularly to audiences of various sizes who often exceed 20,000 attendees. His extraordinary ability to keep concepts simple yet highly effective, and his passion for developing leadership through authentic long term relationships based on integrity principles, have been a major key to his global success.