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Nérée Arsenault

Entrepreneur and businessman since 1974

He created and co-founded Groupe Boyz inc. (Montreal)

President of 1998-2012

A Montreal-based company specializing in the creation and design of baby and children's clothing.

Under his chairmanship, the company moved from modest start to 85 jobs in Canada.

He works with and in collaboration with partner suppliers in Asia and South West Asia. Some of them work exclusively for the Boyz Group. These thousands of workers allow for continuous delivery and quality supply.

Several well segmented brands, allow Boyz to cover several markets.

In Canada: Costco, Forzani, L'Aubainerie;

In the Middle East: the Landmark Group with their baby shop division (in more than 16 countries) in addition to customers in America, Mexico, Panama, the Philippines and Russia.

When he retires, the company is acquired by his partners and two employees join the group.

Strong sales of over $ 25 million, the company continues to grow.

Highway 97, Montreal, 1989-1998

Design, Sales and Production Director, Women's Division.

Pakistano-Canadian company.

Creates the department of the company; assembles the entire design team, sells and supervises production in Pakistan. Sells for more than $ 7 million.

Manufacturing Agent, 1982-1989 (Quebec)