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Gabriel St-Jean

Having graduated from L’École de Technologie Supérieur as an automation engineer, Gabriel St.Jean began his illustrious career at Planiform Conveyors. With his expertise in automation, Gabriel brought about a new era for the company by introducing new, automated products for their clientele.

In 2008, he acquired 50% of the shares in the company and in 2013 he acquired the remainder. With his never-ceasing energy and drive, he has served clients in many industries while continuing to grow Planiform’s commitment to the garment industry for both fashion and industrial laundries. Thanks to his efforts with businesses around the world and Planiform’s growing product line, he has managed to quintuple the size of the company in just a few short years.

In 2018 Gabriel founded Intense Laser, which is specialized in precision laser cutting of sheet metal. This project allows Gabriel to hit two birds with one stone: a faster supply of laser-cut parts for Planiform, and a new business to serve another range of industries.

Having built relationships with several businesses in international markets, now Gabriel is using his knowledge of international business relationships to target new clients abroad all while completing deals in North America and Europe. Planiform now serves clients in the clothing industry, sportswear, uniform rentals, hospital laundries, even furniture and automotive manufacturers.  Gabriel continues to seek and conquer new challenges everywhere he sets his mind.