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Enzo Blasi

Mr. Enzo Blasi came into office as Vice-President of Business Development at GFI Solutions in 2005, following the acquisition of his company, Imagina Technology Solutions. As the founding President of Imagina, he was responsible for the vision and innovation of this leading Canadian technology company; one of the first IT solutions firms to pursue mobile computing and wireless solutions.

Mr. Blasi founded his first company with a partner in 1984, under the name Beltron. In 1997, he transformed the business unit into an independent company, renaming it Beltron Advisory Services Ltd. Within two years and under Mr. Blasi’s direction, the company’s revenue increased by over 300%. The addition of high-profile clients and corporate partnerships continued to add to the company’s industry reputation.

In June 2000, Beltron Advisory Services Ltd. became Imagina Technology Solutions Inc.. Mr. Blasi’s entrepreneurial and managerial success allowed Imagina Technology Solutions to carve out an enviable place within Quebec’s IT Consulting and Business Solutions market.

In parallel with the evolution of his own company, Mr. Blasi served on the boards of several Montreal companies including Collabora, a company specializing in groupware, which merged in 2002 with Imagina and New IT Technologies Inc.. Recognized in the IT industry for his entrepreneurial creativity, he now serves as a senior member of Anges Quebec and continues to act as an advisor and mentor to many small and medium enterprises within the province.

Mr. Blasi holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in Management Information Systems, from the University of Québec at Montreal.