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Ahmed Kilani

Pharmacist since 2006, Ahmed has been passionate about entrepreneurship from a young age. Although his experience at this level is limited to his area of ​​expertise, he seeks to broaden his horizons in the business field and thus interact and get involved with entrepreneurs from different horizons. Having obtained a bachelor's degree in pharmacy in 2006 at the University of Montreal, he has been working as an apothecary since.


Ahmed has extensive and varied experience in all facets of community pharmacy and has an excellent knowledge of the operating procedures of retail pharmacy. Over the years, he has held many positions as a salaried pharmacist and convenience store pharmacist and practiced in the 4 rooms of the province. In 2012, he acquired and repaired a pharmacy in great difficulty to get back on the path to profitability. Very recently, he sold this business to his main competitor, thus opening a beautiful window of opportunity to acquire new skills and thus meet new challenges!


Addicted to running, Ahmed performs very well on various provincial circuits. As sport is an integral part of his daily life, Ahmed will naturally feel challenged by business opportunities linked directly or indirectly to the promotion of physical activity and health. He remains however very open and particularly receptive to any other investment project!