Benefits & Professional Development


Being a member of Anges Québec offers many tangible benefits that will improve a member’s investment returns. These benefits include:

  • Sharing experiences with other members;
  • Reducing investment risk by syndicating with other members;
  • Accessing business opportunities with other members, associate members and knowledgeable third parties;
  • Efficient and effective prioritizing of investment opportunities;
  • Networking between members and other interested investment partners;
  • Sharing best practices for angel investment;
  • Organizing meeting logistics amongst entrepreneurs and members.

Professional Development

It has been demonstrated that the success of an angel group is in direct relation to the training of its members. Founded in 2011, our Centre for Professional Development’s mission is to become a centre of expertise in skill transfer and continuing education. Professional development courses help our investors refine their technical and transverse skills in order to make the most successful investments. Investors are better equipped to help entrepreneurs build and grow high-performance companies.

Our training workshops are offered in French:

  • Anges 101
  • Anges 201
  • Shareholders’ Agreement and Term Sheet
  • Dynamic Risk Management: the Power of Due Diligence and Sound SME Governance.
  • Intellectual Property: What is Relevant to Angels?
  • Ethics and Governance as a Value Creation Strategy
  • Valuation, Value Creation and Exit Strategies
  • Lead Investor: Efficiency and Profitability
  • Coaching the Entrepreneur