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Test Your Pitch – Montréal Edition
April 25, 2019

espace CDPQ, 3 Place Ville-Marie, Montréal

** Please note that only selected applicants will be invited to pitch.**

You are an innovative entrepreneur who plans on launching a funding round in the upcoming months? You are currently fundraising? The Test Your Pitch event is for you.

Give yourself all the right tools to seduce the investors you are targeting by testing your pitch in front of seasoned angel investors who will give you constructive feedback, without detours, to bring your pitch to a superior level.

- No matter your field, you must have an innovative solution.
- Your solution aims to take a large part of a very large market.
- Your company must be more than just an idea : maybe you don't have sales yet, but your business model, revenue model and go-to-market strategy are clear, well thought out and quantified.
- Your solution is tighlty linked to your target customers' behaviors, needs and pains.
- You are open to receiving constructive feedback.

Selection process
- Submit your application by answering our Eventbrite's short questionnaire. Be clear and concise!
- 1 week prior to the event, you will receive the answer to whether you are selected or not.
- 1 week prior to the event, selected entrepreneurs will receive their pitch schedule as well as a guide on which they must base their pitch on.

- On D-Day, selected entrepreneurs will have 8 minutes to pitch in front of a group of 3-5 investors.
- The pitch is done privately in front of investors only and is not open to the general public.
- Investors will have approximatively 20 minutes to give you constructive feedback. We suggest you take notes!