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Rise to Success Webinar Series : the story of Aifred Health

On May 27, for a 3rd rendez-vous as part of the Rise to Success webinar series sponsored by Finalta Capital, Anges Québec will welcome Aifred Health's CEO Marina Massingham to talk bout the company's story and the lessons learned throughout its growth journey.

About Aifred Health

Aifred Health is a Montreal-based startup focused on clinical decision support in mental healthcare, starting with depression. Depression affects over 300 million people worldwide. Physicians currently have few tools to help them effectively select and manage mental health treatments based on the unique characteristics of their individual patients leading to an arduous and lengthy “trial and error” approach to treatment. Aifred operationalizes best-evidence guidelines, together with AI-based insights, to support better treatment management, and matching of individual patients to the right treatment.

Aifred plans to encompass a broad spectrum of mental health conditions, leveraging their treatment-agnostic AI model. At its core, Aifred is focused on bringing better mental healthcare to all.

This past February, the company was named top 3 Finalist in Global IBM Watson AI XPRIZE Competition.