Real Estate – Investment Criteria and Process

In 2016, Anges Québec launched a real estate component to enable its members to make profitable investments in this sector and to allow real estate developers to obtain value-added capital.

Investment criteria – Real estate

Management team

We favor management teams with recognized expertise and experience. We also value your passion and commitment, as well as your ability to inspire future partners such as employees, customers and investors. Note that the credibility and openness of your team are essential when angels advise and guide you in your project

Typical company

  • Innovative a strong asset;
  • With high growth potential;
  • At the stage of development of real estate project for their region;
  • Seeking funding for a min. of $300K;
  • Search for value-added investors.

Investment sectors

Anges Québec invests in all sectors of new construction activity, but is particularly looking for innovative companies in the following sectors:

  • Residential and multi-tenant residential condominiums
  • Commercial and multi-tenant commercial condominiums
  • Industrial


The angels in our group, all qualified investors, have recognized expertise and experience in a variety of settings. One of the main benefits of angels is to provide ongoing mentorship and accessibility to a business network. This is only possible to the extent of compatibility between the investor and the project.

Exit strategy

Our members are looking for an attractive return when they support projects. This return is essential and inherent to the risk of funded projects. The exit strategy must therefore be clearly defined by defining the steps to achieve it and the financial requirements required for each step.


Investment process –  Real estate


Submit a project:

Send an executive summary of your construction project to

The summary should include a description of the project (product and location), the target market, a summary of the development plan, the team and the required funding.


First step
Preliminary analysis of the project by the Anges Québec management team.  If the project meets the established criteria, a meeting will be organized to continue the analysis of the project.

Second step
If your project is selected by the Anges Québec management team, you will be invited to present your project to angels investors in the format of an 8-minute pitch.

Meeting with angels investors

1. First set of 3 meetings, which are determined in advance. This series of meetings aims to interest angel investors. You will need to present the attributes of your project in 8 minutes. The Anges Québec team is available to help you prepare for your presentation.
2. Second meeting lasting approximately 90 minutes, organized with the angels having shown interest. The presentation will be more in depth and will allow you to expose your project directly to potential investors.
3. Confirmation of interest and investment by the angels and choice of the lead angel that will accompany the sponsor throughout the project.

Next step

Negotiation of the preliminary partnership agreement (term sheet) and due diligence.
Following a satisfactory due diligence for the Angels we will proceed to the closing


For any further information or question, please contact Manon Desmarais, Vice President Membership & Real Estate at