Investment Process – Real Estate

First step :

Preleminary analysis of the project by the Anges Québec Real Estate management team;

If the project meets the criteria, a meeting will be organized with Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ to continue the analysis of the project.You will be supported by the Anges Québec Real Estate team to complete all stages of the financial package of the project.

Second step :

If your project is selected by the AQRE (Anges Quebec Real Estate) team and by the Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ, you must present your project to angel investors.

Meetings with angel investors:
  1. Set of 3 meetings, which are determined in advance. This series of meeting aims to attract angel investors. You must present the attributes of your project in 8 minutes. The Real Estate team at Anges Québec is available for you to help you prepare your presentation.
  2. Second meeting, lasting approximately 90 minutes, organized with the angels who have expressed an interest. The presentation will be more detailed and you will expose your project directly to potential investors.
  3. Confirmationof interest and investment by angels and choice of the lead angel to accompany the promoter during the project.

Subsequent steps :

Following the confirmation of interest of members, here are the subsent steps.