Investment Process – Innovation

First Contact with Anges Québec

You may submit your project by visiting the Make a Funding Request section on our website. We will determine the relevance of your project for submission to Anges Québec’s selection committee.

Project Selection

After a preliminary study of your project, a member of our team will determine the potential interest of your project for Anges Québec’s members. The team is composed of Anges Québec members, successful entrepreneurs and professionals with experience relevant to the area of your project.

Members’ Interest

If the selection committee approves the project, it is presented to all Anges Québec members in order to elicit their investment interest in the project. You will be invited to attend one of our monthly meetings, where 4 to 6 investment opportunities are presented to our members. You will present your business project over the course of three evenings: in Sherbrooke, Montreal and Quebec City.

Presentation to Interested Members

Your presentation to members who have indicated an interest in the project will last approximately 90 minutes. This will include a more in-depth presentation and a question period. This presentation period will allow you to pitch the qualities of your project directly to potential investors.

Term Sheet and Due Diligence

If there is enough interest around the table, the angel investors who are interested in your project, represented by a “lead” angel, will present you with a term sheet detailing the investment structure and process. This offer is conditional to the satisfactory completion of due diligence. During due diligence, the angel investors, that are interested in your project, will validate the claims made in your business plan, presentation and financial projections.

Investment Agreement, Funding and Follow up

If the results of the due diligence confirm the investment interest, an investment agreement will be prepared. Once all the parties agree to the investment agreement, the funding can proceed. This is the beginning of an investment relationship with your angel investors. All parties will be active in this relationship whose separate and yet related objectives are to ensure the success of your project.

Some variants apply in respect to the process for Real Estate Investments. Contact us to discover more about this specific process.