Minalou Kunze--Roelens

investment analyst


A recent graduate from McGill University with a bachelor's degree in Finance and Managing for Sustainability, Minalou has been working as an investment analyst at Anges Québec since September 2022.

She gained experience within the Quebec innovation ecosystem, firstly at the Fintech startup Moka and thereafter in the partnerships and seed funding division at Sustainable Development Technology Canada. From these experiences, Minalou developed a strong passion for entrepreneurship and the financing of young tech startups, with a pronounced attention for cleantech companies. This eventually led her to join Front Row Ventures, Canada's first student led venture capital fund, as an investment associate, giving her the opportunity to collaborate with numerous entrepreneurs, VCs, and accelerators across Québec.

A polyglot and passionate about cultural expression of all kinds, Minalou has accumulated life experiences and solo travels in Asia and South America, from which she brings back varied recipes and sprawling musical inspiration.